3 Technology Resources for Truck Drivers

If you know us, you know we love technology. I was in Internet marketing and web design working with several startups and app developement companies before trucking. And my hubby is a science and technology nerd. We use technology to our advantage everyday in our trucking careers too. You should see our dash in the truck! iPad navigation with several apps at hand. We also have our laptops out ever chance we get when not behind the wheel to plan our routes, check the weather, or keep up with friends and family on our iPhones. As a professional driver, you need all you can to help get you through the day. And technology makes it that much easier. Which is why we wanted to showcase a few simple resources that are helpful when we’ve needed them most.

1. Jobs: Well all know, truck driving jobs can be pretty easy to come by. However, contacting the best companies that have the best fit for your circumstances, can be a daunting task. Which is why we like, Project Drive Now. Project Drive Now is a ‘truck driver recruiting agency and comprehensive stop for professional drivers.’ But it’s not your typical recruiting agency. They help connect drivers to companies based on your needs, not just what the company needs. They do this by connecting with you first and having a conversation. A lot of recruiting agencies for truck drivers look at filling a position as the end of the road. Project Drive Now, wants to make sure you’re placed in the best position for your career. They also have job listings, and a page dedicated to driver resources that allow you to take charge of your career. The resource page offers links to drivers DAC report, MVR reports, and more http://projectdrivenow.com/driver-resources/
2. Weather and road conditions: One of the routes we frequent is Kansas City, Missouri to Seattle, Washington State and back. Before we go rolling into Washington State, we make sure to check each state 511 app. We also follow each state on their social media accounts along the way. Another great resource in Oregon is http://TripCheck.com which offers an in depth look at road condition and closures. This alone has saved us many times. Last year I-84 was closed more times than we care to remember and TripCheck saved us from wasting our clock and stayin put in Boise. Worth a mention, Wyoming’s http://wyoroad.info/. They offer wind speed, closures, and conditions for light trailers for the high winds along I-80. Don’t forget to follow any of the National Weather Service pages on Facebook or Twitter in the direction you’re headed. They may not have the most pinpointed and updated information, but still a tool for planning for the next day. We also have several weather apps on our phones. We seem to always turn to MyRadar Pro Weather Radar. We keep it open on the iPad on our dash along with Trucker Path for scales and parking https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/myradar-pro-weather-radar/id325683306?mt=8
3. Fuel apps: Standing outside the truck in winter or summer for that matter, can be a hassle not to mention why are you still doing it? Loves and Pilot now offer drivers the ability to authorize fuel at the pump directly from your app. From the drivers seat. No more standing outside pushing numbers when it’s -65 outside. Why stand in line for a shower, when you can also put yourself in for a shower directly from the same apps as well. And as much as we hate it, we have to do it at times, but you can also reserve parking spaces from TA and Pilot apps. If you’ve ever called and been on hold, you’ll thank us for that last one. Nothing worse than a call center repeatedly asking you for feedback while you’re in rush hour traffic.

We meet a lot of drivers on the road who don’t use technology in their favor. They don’t realize they can use it to plan ahead for impending weather, traffic pile ups, or even looking for jobs. Drivers need to stop being afraid of technology and incorporate it to help them be better at their job. Use technology to take the time to plan your day so you’re not surprised by unforeseen events.

Are you using technology to further your driving career or even have a simple solution that makes your job easier? If so, what are some of your favorite technology based resources? Let us know in the comments or let us know on Twitter @gothamexpressll

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