Why Do We Blog?

There are lots of reasons for truck drivers like us to blog. One reason is to inform and educate those new to the industry. It is important for you to know about safety issues related to trucking and about new developments in the industry. In fact, it is part of our responsibility as a professional to keep you informed. Since we read extensively and feel compared to continue learning, sharing what we find seems natural.

Another reason to blog is to entertain. Running a trucking business can be funny! It’s nice to have a place to share the amusing tidbits that happen all the time. Truckers tell funny stories, other drivers share experiences and overall the open road can be a crazy place to be. Plus, a bonus to all that reading we do is that we learn things about industry trends that are funny.

Remember that naked lady a while back that jumped on top of that truck and started dancing? Or all those big box trucks that magically seem to land in the river?

For me though, the most important reason for blogging is to connect with YOU. Even though historically there aren’t many commenters on this blog, our statistics show you are reading each post. And, even though so far the conversation has been a bit one-sided, we feel a sense of connection with our readers and social media followers.

Ideally, a blog builds a community conversation. It offers platform for the writer and readers to discuss…whatever needs to be discussed. Please accept an invitation from me: Allow this blog to serve YOU. Ask us questions. Point us to interesting things you’ve seen on the internet. Make suggestions. Give us your opinion on posts.

We hope to see you in the comments section!

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