Not So Trendy

We don’t strive to bring you the latest news in trucking.

We aren’t interested in what the trucking celebrities and other industry story tellers are doing at the latest event.

We’re usually working, like you.

We rarely read or share trucking mishap posts.

Instead, we work hard to find and blog high quality personal stories that real truckers can feel good talking about. Real truckers have taxes, businesses, illnesses, kids, fight traffic, and not too much time. Even with all of life’s (and our bodies’) rough patches, real truckers enjoy little moments of peace and quiet.

We do lots of research, because we know how confusing it can be to deal with specifics in our industry. So we’re putting out the call, and want to hear from you, the real truckers in this industry.

What does a real trucker look like in 2018?

Not physically, but what are some of the habits of the most successful working in the trenches? What are you doing differently in business and the industry than you did just a few years ago? Have something to share? We want to hear from you. We want to share your story.

If you have the answer to this question, get in touch. You can leave us a comment and we’ll contact you, or send us an email, or DM on social media. We want to hear from you, the real truckers.

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