Lock and load with Gotham Express, LLC, a Kansas City-based t-shirt, and trucking company.

Hey, welcome to the blog for Gotham Express LLC based in Kansas City, MO. You can access our T-shirt shop at shop.gothamexpressllc.com.

So who is behind Gotham Express LLC?

I’m Chante and my husband is Chris, we’re the goofballs behind Gotham Express LLC. In 2015, we were both becoming exhausted with our jobs. Chris had been working in healthcare for 23 years, and his feet were worn out from 12-hour shifts. I was working in digital marketing for several startups and my contracts kept getting shuffled around as the companies were bought and sold.

I came home from yet another ended contract position, both of us were fed up and frustrated. We were both like, what can we do that we can do together and kind of downsize our lives as well as have some fun?

He suggested truck driving. His grandfather had been a trucker and he’d grown up riding in the truck every summer. And I said, ‘Well why not?’ So after trucking school and getting our commercial drivers licenses, we started our own trucking business. We’ve been driving as a super solo team since.

Living on the road full-time I was getting tired of not finding clothing that fit my lifestyle. I’m also a vintage T-shirt addict. So, I decided to start my own line using my background in graphic design and a lifetime passion for road trips. Our family thanks you for you support and for reading our blog and shopping our site.

Stay tuned for new additions to the store. Until then, read and shop around. Subscribe to our newsletter to be updated on the latest designs!

If you are a blogger or journalist, please contact us using the contact form below, or hello @ gothamexpressllc.com, we’d be happy to speak with you. It is our policy not to post your questions in public.

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